My journey into the financial world began 25 years ago, when I held my very first accounting job while still in high school. Since then, my path has included a diverse variety of financial positions in the corporate world, working with various companies and clients. The crystallizing moment that caused a massive life change came when I was working as a corporate controller (which I thought was going to be the dream job). A few months in, I started to really compromise myself and my boundaries. The things I enjoyed doing outside of work started to slip away. I had begun teaching yoga in my 30s, and I wasn’t teaching as much, I wasn’t stepping onto the mat for my own personal practice, and I just kept running faster and faster on the corporate hamster wheel.

As a result, instead of excelling at my job with endless hours put in, I started to make more and more mistakes. After 7 months of this frenetic pace and becoming more fatigued and depressed, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do this any longer. I realized that I was no longer willing to be in a job that would compromise myself or my values and I quit. Which was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, and one of the best.

It was that moment which launched me into creating my own financial business that combines both the masculine and feminine, a unique approach to finances but one that is critical to how I do my own business and how I can best support clients. I started as a single mom with only one client, (and with no other income coming in!) but I found my love and passion. Over time, I created a business where I could still do accounting for a portfolio of diverse clientele, but also incorporate the foundations of spirituality, yoga, energy, and emotion; the perfect combination of how I can be in service to myself and to others.

It wasn’t until a year into running my own accounting business that I knew I couldn’t watch small business owners have their worlds spin around because of their finances. I couldn’t keep putting a Band-Aid on what was really a much deeper wound. I expanded my offerings to include my Transformational Energy Coaching for small business owners and individuals. These were built to help those looking to explore more profoundly what was coming up for them.

In the Abundance Business Booster, we integrate grounded business structure with transformational energetic coaching, and accounting expertise; which creates a path for prosperity and abundance to flow seamlessly.

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My journey back to myself has taken multiple decades. I was raised in a very strict religious culture and family, and always felt I didn’t quite fit in. However, despite all the intuitive nudges, I continually dismissed what my inner self was trying to tell me. Instead, I created my persona as chameleon, and for years, I became what other people wanted me to be, ultimately always conforming to their desires.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30s, and when I started teaching yoga and meeting myself more truly and authentically on the mat, that I realized this persona I had created wasn’t me, and I wasn’t living my very best, most true, life. I slowly started to give myself permission to be me, painful though it was, as she had been deeply pushed down for a long time. But with yoga, counseling, coaching, and work with energy, and specifically the Warrior Goddess program, I began to reacquaint myself with the real me. I’ve finally given myself permission to be my authentic self and to unblock and release all of those limiting beliefs I’ve held for so long. 

I’m still very much a work in progress, but now I have the tools and resources and faith that I’m doing the work my soul needs, and I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey of rediscovery and compassion. 

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